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Deadly ‘Knockout Game’ Spread by New Jersey Teens (VIDEO)

Deadly ‘Knockout Game’ Spread by New Jersey Teens (VIDEO)
A terrifying new ‘Knockout Game’ has caused deaths in Syracuse, St. Louis and New Jersey is sweeping the nation (they say). Innocent people walking the streets are targeted by groups of teens who aim to knock someone out in a single punch.

Obviously this knockout game has cropped up every couple of years. Could social media really be spurring it to new heights? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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  • king420

    it’s like a new age Pokemon

  • Ryan Skala

    Hate crime? Shut the fuck up dude

  • Missael Giron-DeLaCruz

    OpenCarryLawState Watch out.

  • tapolna

    John, I’m glad you said (2:24) “we’re trying to have a society here …” because, however disgusted we may feel by these random acts of violence done by “kids,” we must recognize our (please note) society’s responsibility

  • Voracious T


  • Alex Dragneel

    Well god damn. lol Just goes to show this generation is fucked.

  • Angelica Moreno

    only black kids are doing it

  • Captain Kaijin

    Blacks should continue this so that the African population will be reduced.

  • Jakub Kuczynski

    IT’S BLACK PEOPLE punching white ppl. Gas chamber is only solution for this idiots.

  • Zappy Zap

    the video of the man knocking out the woman was from england and was a man knocking out a woman for wearing hijab/headscarf. The bottom pic of your still in the back ground.

  • Cesar Robles

    “new age pokemon” this man has revealed the future. he must be a timetraveler. were on the age of pokemon go

  • Raise Da Hell

    Why one thousand dislikes?

  • Javonte Montague

    Looks fun

  • Whoa Dee

    DAMN, these black niggas are hateful, and this morning rain should’ve gave my umbrella to this black hot lady, should’ve too, make mixed churrlins and flush out this nonsense.


    Immediate dead niggers.
    9MM to the chest.
    9MM to the head.
    But whites should give a fuck about black lives.
    I wish these assholes would try this shit with me. Dead monkeys galore

  • Agi Hugi

    Idiot game!

  • selimate

    well thank god pokemon has come back again

  • Karloz Aguirrez

    We need Hitler back and exterminate them before they mass reproduce like the cockcrouch and RATS that they are.

  • Tricia Bliven

    This is disgusting. Gonna get people killed.

  • mauro mazzocchini


  • miknifi

    seeing that teen knocking out that woman made me want to put a black magic spell on him through the essence of his movements by cinnamon and balm fluid say a prayer that he will get crushed by a train in a week

  • RWDS Entertainment

    This reporter couldn’t hide his pedosmile if he tried. The Young Cucks at their finest.

  • Quik War

    you’re a major dick

  • Makayla Banks

    #whereistheoutrage #respectyourelders

  • Nymira

    There was no “knockout game” just a series of foolish events by teens.

  • Emily Vaughn


  • Crystal Vazquez

    Why do people do such a thing, especially to the elderly people when they have done nothing wrong. And someone should put a stop to it because it is not right. #WhereIsTheLove?

  • karen perez


  • hungowapower yes

    Blacks hitting whites is called “knockout games”, white people hitting blacks is called a racist hate crime

  • Lavrov

    I’m guessing the people who disliked are the people who encourage the knock out game.

  • Lavrov

    Fucking niggers. Fuck off and stay out of Canada. You niggers can deal with Trump.

  • LuckyLucy

    yo my homeboyz from tha ghetto hood Darnell and Tyronne dey say dat whiteys be all easy to punk ‘n sh*t. U no what I’m sayin?

  • Alexandria Trellas

    someone died because of this idiotic game

  • RENAN7U7 :v

    like s venes por gusgri

  • Angie Mtz

    It’s spreading alright, it’s already in the Houston Tx news just recently…

  • Random Rantz

    It happened to me! yes sir. I was standing out in front of work and a guy in a hoody walked right up to me and blasted me in the face. Here’s the kicker he didn’t knock me out. He hit like a little bitch! Although I fell back onto my ass kind of loopy like WTF! was that. he continued to land astonishing shots to my head over and over.. HE STILL COULDN’T PUT ME OUT! I can remember telling him “You better hope I don’t f**king get up” and then he ran off! Peeled off in his car full of people and my co workers escorted me to the hospital. Needless to say the PTSD that ensued for the next couple of years was ridiculous.

  • TomZa

    Fucking niggers

  • nilbog44


  • Robbie Rotten

    Liberals: They are just misunderstood

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