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CNN Election 11/07/17: Ed Gillespie Loses In Virginia: Phil Murphy Wins In NJ As Democrats Win Both

CNN Election 11/07/17: Ed Gillespie Loses In Virginia: Phil Murphy Wins In NJ As Democrats Win Both
Washington (CNN)Democratic Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam has won the Virginia governor’s race, CNN projects, defeating Republican Ed Gillespie.

Northam’s win is a huge boost for Democrats desperate for their first swing state victory during President Donald Trump’s tenure in office. It comes amid what looks like a blue wave along the East Coast, with Democrat Phil Murphy also winning the governor’s race in New Jersey and a swath of northern Virginia state legislative seats on course to flip into Democratic hands.
Northam overcame a Trump-style television advertising barrage from Gillespie, whose ads accused him of being soft on MS-13 gangs by voting against a bill banning sanctuary cities. Gillespie also echoed Trump’s calls to keep Confederate monuments in place.
Murphy’s Garden State win will return the state to Democratic control after eight years under the leadership Republican Gov. Chris Christie.
Murphy defeated Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno in a state where Christie’s unpopularity — with approval ratings in the teens, making him the least-liked governor in the country — proved too much to overcome.
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Northam went into the day to capitalize on a surge in voter turnout in Virginia’s northern suburbs near Washington and deliver the party its first big win in the Trump era. Gillespie, a former lobbyist and George W. Bush aide, was attempting to show Republicans who had previously kept their distance from Trump a way to embrace the President’s policies on the campaign trail.
Elsewhere in the country, New York City, Atlanta and other cities are electing mayors. And in Utah, voters will select a replacement for the retired former Rep. Jason Chaffetz.

Gillespie has mimicked Trump’s tactics — attacking Northam over sanctuary cities while saying he would not remove Confederate Civil War monuments. A Gillespie mailer also referenced the controversy over protests by NFL players. “You’d never take a knee … so take a stand on Election Day,” the mailer reads.
But he has kept personal distance from Trump: The two didn’t campaign together at all, despite Trump visiting his own golf course in Virginia 15 times after Gillespie won the Republican nomination.
Republicans nationally are closely watching to see if Gillespie’s approach works or whether he got too close to Trump for suburban voters’ comfort, or strayed too far away from the President to win over his rural, white base.
Election 2017: Readers' guide to Virginia and New Jersey governor's races, other key contests
Election 2017: Readers’ guide to Virginia and New Jersey governor’s races, other key contests
Northam, meanwhile, has struggled to motivate the black voters who make up the Democratic base. Former President Barack Obama urged Democrats not to get “complacent” in non-presidential elections during an October rally with Northam in Richmond.
Preliminary exit polls found that Gillespie’s focus on keeping Confederate monuments in place could be popular with Virginia voters — particularly Republicans and independents. Ninety-five percent of Republicans said the monuments should remain in place, and nearly eight in 10 independents agreed. Meanwhile, about seven in 10 Democrats said the statues should be removed.
Helping Northam, though, could be Trump’s 43% approval rating among those who voted, according to the preliminary exit polls. Fifty-five percent of Virginia voters said they disapprove of how Trump is handling his job.
The Virginia race carries national importance as a gauge of how voters are reacting to Trump a year into his presidency — and also because the state is a proving ground for both parties’ approaches in the 2018 midterm elections, when Democrats hope to take control of the House and Republicans seek to expand their 52-48 Senate majority.
The election takes place with Trump overseas on a 13-day Asia trip. The President had thrown his political capital heavily behind Sen. Luther Strange in an Alabama Republican Senate primary in September — but Strange lost to former judge Roy Moore, and Trump has been much less involved in subsequent races, although he continues to tweet to help Gillespie.
Donald J. Trump ✔@realDonaldTrump
The state of Virginia economy, under Democrat rule, has been terrible. If you vote Ed Gillespie tomorrow, it will come roaring back!
5:12 PM – Nov 6, 2017
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  • joeyconservative

    Has Fox News carried the story of losing in both Virginia and New Jersey.

  • Urs Schaffer

    When trump opens his mouth he lies!!

  • Gol Blum

    santorum is as delusional as usual. the problem last night was trump

  • wandering spirit

    The bad news for liberals- Trump wins re-election in 2020. Liberals have 86 more months vacationing at Trump Med.That brings great joy and comfort to those with spines and common sense.

  • Neil Martin

    You people are so darn gullible. Democrats will say and do anything to get your votes. Kinda funny how Hillary Clinton was anti gay and anti immigrant until she realized that garnering their support could mean millions of votes.
    Meanwhile Obama quietly deports over 3 million immigrants in 8 years but shhhhhhh hardly a peep is heard about it. SMH
    Politics is a filthy business and behind every decision there is a giant dollar sign.
    Get the lobbyists out of D.C. and I will be less cynical but until then……………..

  • David Hersh

    Can someone tell me why I should give a rats ass about two gubernatorial elections in traditionally blue states? Something? Anything?

  • BibleOrTraditions

    Oh, was the incumbent governor a Republican, and now they are getting a Democrat? No. Virginia had a Democrat as governor. And Virginia is a Democrat state. Hillary won Virginia. So to say that a Democrat being elected again as governor is a referendum against President Trump and the Republican Party is just plain ignorant. It’s stupid.

  • Joey Martinez

    If Gillespie would’ve won moron don would be blowing Twitter up now he criticizes Ed for losing. Maybe trump should realize maybe he lost because of the orange moron because he has nothing to show in a year that he’s been in office

  • Serenity Now

    Why I left NJ over ten years ago and thousands are leaving every year. If you can sell you home that is. Thank you Democrats for destroying what once was a beautiful fun state to live in. Now everyone is broke and miserable. What liberalism gets you.

  • junowatt

    New poll out states Democrat Party is at its lowest approval rating in 25 years despite the national media establishment’s daily attempt to destroy Donald J. Trump’s presidency. Donna Brazile’s bombshell revelation cost them dearly.

  • paulie dee

    Why all the negative comments about Trump? Why all the sad faces. The stock market is up almost 30%. Even people with a simple 401K Plan are making a small fortune. And you better believe the crew at CNN are laughing on their way to the bank. Again, why all the sad faces? It’s not too late for you libtards.

  • steppenwolf

    Holy shit Santoum turning on against Trump.. didn’t expect him to put it that bluntly

  • Destroyer Venom

    Californians moved and flocked to Virginia. but technically it looks like the Russians hacked this election for Virginia & New Jersey too. Its so obvious and the dems are happy about it this time. Democrats cant win anything unless they cheat or change the sex of someone like mr potatohead. Feel sorry for them then you will vote for them. obvious way to destroy America is to get them to think that being gay is the only way and if you dont like it your a hater or a racist. Its obvious that the word love only means what you have sex with to democrats. Love is sex not love. Virginia is a broke welfare state anyways now that the liberals are going to ruin it. oh well time to move a gain and try to get away from their flaming pile of wieners and lipstick with little boys and Wienstiens. Since New Jersey and Virginia’s races were hacked by Russians it doesn’t count either. Democrat Hillary Clinton helped and paid for Russians to hack these campaigns for these states. Everyone knows it already.

  • mathiasmorqubus

    We are in the NVA are very educated and can i identify excrement where ever we find it,

  • Ozark 64

    Who the fuck cares ? these 2 states were Dem – Tardic to begin with…nothing significant here…

  • John Silver

    57 % of voters polled said Trump had no bearing on how they voted. CNN calling these voters liars?????

  • David Gainey

    Looks to idiots of NJ and VA love high taxes and crime

  • lessly carthan

    There’s almost 500 political seats a few wins don’t put a rock rent in the 20 trillion dollar debt America is a dump

  • Freeman Horton

    Russia really threatens action against nationalist US media but that’s doesn’t including CNN, because CNN is align with Putin’s agendas !
    CNN is very close to the Kremlin and the Duma…why would Putin take action against CNN organization when it praises him day and night and offers free services ?!
    Russian Administration likes the way CNN is lying down on its stomach !

  • Mark Miller

    HOW IS THE ECONOMY DOING RECORD NUMBERS? IT’S ESSENTIAL THE SAME AS IT WAS THIS TIME LAST YEAR AND THE YEAR BEFORE…. The Trump Administration has not DONE ONE THING towards the current state of the economy….not one…. we’re still on the Obama plan (which since 2011 has been doing record numbers)….
    poor Trump… he’s been called out for this lie and inaccuracy by all leading experts and the only people who believe him are his trailer trash supporters who have no clue about economics or current state of the union.

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