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China Southern Business Class 777-300ER Guangzhou To New York JFK

China Southern Business Class 777-300ER Guangzhou To New York JFK
After Hainan and Xiamen’s business class, I am curious to see how China Southern’s business class will compare especially since CZ is larger and and more established. CZ has been pushing the “Canton route” as an alternative to the ME3, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, and Singapore Airlines between Europe and Australia. CZ has gained some noterity for its beverage choice in first class. Although I don’t know what the champagne is in first class, I am happy to report that the business class champagne is a Taittinger, which is what Cathay offers in business. My previous experience with CZ is that the service can be quite good but the catering is far from competitive. Before I get into the onboard service, I have to say that China Southern did a great job with their transit service for premium passengers in Guangzhou. I was arriving from a domestic Chinese flight and ground crew were waiting for us as soon as we deplaned. They escorted us to an area of the airport where mini trolleys were waiting for us. The trolleys took us through some well disguised tunnels to the international section fo the giant terminal. Our guides then escorted us through security and immigration before pointing us to the lounge and wishing us a comfortable journey. Overall a pretty seamless transfer experience by CZ.
On this flight, I had a great FA and crew who took immediate care of passengers as soon as we boarded. The FA serving my row was always smiling and very formal, addressing me with Mr most of the time. She and the rest of her crew warm and took time to chat with some of the passengers. The crew’s English level on this flight was adequate as well, particularly one male FA who had very little accent, and who I had no problem interacting in English. They were proactive throughout the flight and offered snacks and water often.
The catering continues to underwhelm and disappoint. I really wonder if CZ’s management has ever flown on another carrier and see how other airlines do their catering. My main courses were both oily, and honestly I had better economy meals with Thai Airways and Xiamen. Air Asia and Jetstar had better more fragrant meals… Still haven’t forgotten that black pepper chicken on Jetstar. Anyways the potatoes were completely soaked in oil and the meat lacked any flavor oil. My second main was especially terrible, oily, and tasted only of canned tomato sauce that I did not touch it. The fruit course weren’t popping with color and quality of Hainan’s catering. So far the two airplane meals I never finished were on China Southern.
The seat is the same as Asiana and Hainan’s A330. The window seats are very private and comfortable. Unfortunately, CZ doesn’t seem to provide pajamas or any seat covers for sleeping, which is what Cathay does but EVA and Hainan offers them. Xiamen at least offers a nice pajama set.
I like the fact that there is a mini business class cabin right behind the first class cabin. It makes the seat feel even more private, and you don’t get the sense you are on a plane with 300+ people. The only issue with my seat, which is in the last row of the mini cabin is that its near the storage closets, which means frequent foot traffic from FAs. The last row is also missing a window.
Overall I would say CZ offers good service but Guangzhou Airport’s catering continues to be horrendous. The business class meals are no where near the quality and taste of economy meals I had on Asiana, Thai, and Xiamen. However, CZ did improve their beverage offerings by offering a quality champagne. I would be curious to try out their business class flight from JFK since the catering company is different.

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  • Mark Colabella

    what model equipment are you using? The quality is fantastic

  • Jonnie Bangkok

    I like that…”branded ice-cream,” like it’s some brand that was on sale at the local Chinese Wal-Mart 🤣🤣🤣

    Frankly I wouldn’t eat anything that came out of a Chinese kitchen or catering service…too much food adulteration and who knows what they put into the food.

  • edison sanchez

    Great review ./ reaffirms I made good choice switching from China southern china Airlines.. from TPE.. thank you again !

  • Félix Maltchinski

    The flight was operated in cooperation with DL.

  • Steven Guan

    The elite member part of the lounge is simpler, it’s for elite members who travel in economy class.

  • One World Flyer

    Yeah you’re right The Pier is outstanding, it makes others look bad xd!

  • Yih Biow Yap

    Great review! Thanks!!

  • Mclean Milne

    Nailed it ! Well put together – great to get your impressions, experiences and opinions. Thanks for sharing. Please keep posting : )

  • Jose Agustin Castellanos Vargas


  • Jose Agustin Castellanos Vargas


  • Joan Hart

    We went to UK in 2015 on China Southern. Two legs Auckland through Guangzhou to London were fine. Last let we had 7 hours in the business class lounge – had a shower and sat down, minimal food unless you like a half inch jerky which was hard to open, biscuits and soda drinks and wine. Longest 7 hours of our lives. Last leg – terrible, terrible…the stewardesses were squatting on the galley floor scraping plates food into a bowl and flushing it down the toilet. Economy passengers running up and down and using the front toilets, staff trying to stow used linen and blankets into overhead lockers, it was BEDLAM. Cheapest fare or not, would NEVER fly this airline again.

  • Joan Hart

    We had to be bussed to the plane which quite a long way away. Boarding at night in the rain not a pleasant exercise, plane looks newer, we had 2-2-2 seating which was spacious and quite nice with the soft colours. No pyjamas, amenity kit was same – used the face and lip balm samples with a small bottle of spray (also used in the toilet) in some Christmas Crackers…!!. Music was the same and we were discouraged from plugging in electronic devices to charge them – cabin crew said it took power away from the engines…food was served one course after the other and I couldn’t keep up. Don’t eat pork and most things were pork based. Never had a snack are on the plane is was a bare bones, no frills and the crew on three of the legs were great. Just that last leg to Auckland was a debacle.

  • David Kendrick

    In whose home was the foie gras made?

  • jeff addis

    Thanks for the video. I’m giving China Southern business class a try in late August.

  • Jose Agustin Castellanos Vargas


  • Songkang Wang

    China Southern airline is quite stabilized , it is a great chance to stop by and explore Canton 🙂

  • 许你魏来风雨同洲

    you can try China Eastern next time~

  • Aisha Waqar

    The vid is in great quality & its all great. But it would be even great if you like described how you felt about the flight or what was going on. What food you ordered. Stuff like that. Like the text posts things over the video. But great video tho !

  • Brendan Berkhout’s Travel Videos

    Awesome report Asiatravels! Really enjoyed it. I have to say the hard product looks perfectly fine on CZ. Shame about all the food issues, that does look oily! And not having some options on the menu from the beginning of the flight is also a no go in my opinion. Will definitely subscribe and looking forward to watching more of your vids!

    Thanks again


  • 빛별


  • gibbs1966

    Its you as a customer who decides how your tenderloin is gonna be fried..If you want it medium/rare well then they do it as you ask for…
    Didnt like that at all,well done tenderloin hmm you could eat your shoes instead 🙂

  • Ramsey Mahmoud

    I just love your videos. How easy or hard is it to get an upgrade at the airport on the day of your travel? Will rates be much higher on day of travel or should i change flight in advance ?

  • Iden Li

    I got back from Guangzhou, China yesterday and when I checked the flight path, we flew out by the coast and over South Korea Jeju Island and by the coast of Japan (here I am commenting on this video again after a couple months ago :))

  • X Z Seng

    cx is better because hong kong is a different culture and country by itself. China in general their products arent on par .. with any airline..

  • TubeBarth

    Very helpful video, just please remember to observe the airlines’ policies on turning off electronic equipment during takeoff & landing… I know this will preclude your showing these on your video, but it’s fine. Again, a helpful video and many thanks for posting very useful info :).

  • sfflyer123

    Very nice report, Asia Travels. On seat guru, there are “H” and “K” seats in the window on the right-hand sided of the plane. H seems closer to the window (like in your seat) and K seems more like an aisle. Do you know what seat you were in? Just by judging on the video, it seems like you were in Seat 12H, per seatguru. Do you know if you were in seat 12H?

  • Hong Nguyen

    Great video we hope more videos of China southern airline Toronto to Guangzhou or Guangzhou to Toronto please . Employees of my company will take China southern airline from Toronto to Guangzhou, staying China for 1 week, then go to southeast Asia 1 more week. Finally go back Toronto from Guangzhou in February 2018.. we hope more videos of China southern airline from Toronto to Guangzhou or Guangzhou to Toronto please thanks

  • proyectocms

    Los tragos los tuviste que pagar (did you have to pay for the liquors?)

  • NZL

    Awesome video there Asia Travels!

  • Yo_Its_PuRe

    Very late comment, but I’m wondering as to whether this plane offers AC Adaptors for charging or simply USB ports. Looking for info on economy class.

  • Jumingan Budiono

    Do you think that China Southern will leave Sky Team

  • Daniel Hammond

    Magnificent images of New York from the sky. Worthy of printing out as photos and framing. Truly beautiful. Thank you for the video.

  • Thaninthorn Suwanampai

    what camera u use to shoot this video? the quality and colour so perfect even in low light situation

  • waikikilatino1

    I was not impressed by it’s business class service at all. Quite mediocre.

  • Jonnie Bangkok

    The Chinese muzak in the background…cringe.

  • Truffle Rodriguez

    I love to see this videos fell like it am travelling

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