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China Airlines 777 Business Class New York JFK To Taipei Taoyuan

China Airlines 777 Business Class New York JFK To Taipei Taoyuan
Contrary to my previous business class flight with China Airlines, on this flight the crew encouraged me to take as much video and pictures as I want and never mentioned anything about a “copyright violation” that the previous crew warned me about. The crew was absolutely phenomenal. Several crew members took time to speak with me during the flight. In particular, the purser encouraged me to give them tips for improvement. She told me that an airline must always be a step ahead of its competitors even if they are already ahead. Although everyone loves China Airline’s cabins and service improvements since the image overhaul, she was very wary of the praise because of the significant concentration of highly rated airlines like Cathay, Singapore, the Japanese and Korean airlines, and EVA in Asia. She also spoke about the mainland airlines as posing significant pressure and told me not to underestimate their power and market share. All they have to do is make similar improvements and can easily squeeze out her home airlines. It is clear that she takes pride in her work with passengers as well as the accomplishments by her company and I really admire that. Another crew member was a more grandpa type figure. He appeared much older than the rest of the crew. When he saw me taking videos of the snack boxes he asked me if I would like to take some with me to eat after my flight. He then grabbed me by the arm and handed me almost an entire box worth of snacks. We then went through each snack box and he literally dumped 4-5 of the little cookies and cakes from each box in my arms. He then saw how much I was holding and handed me a small paper bag to store all the snacks he gave me. It was pretty funny. He was really like a grandpa and it was very endearing how generous and friendly he was throughout the flight.
While China Airlines has the most beautiful business cabin, previously there were some service inconsistencies that made it less stellar than its competitor EVA. However it seems like some of those issues have been worked out. The wine list has been updated. The amenity kit has been upgraded and the plastic bowls have been replaced with glassware. I was told that these service improvements was timed with the introduction of the A350.
Before my flight I checked the seat map online and found the entire aft business cabin to be empty. I quickly selected a seat in the aft cabin hoping the airline won’t move me when I check in. Luckily for me, China Airlines kept my seat and I had an entire business cabin to myself. The only issue is that the aft cabin is located behind the economy boarding door, so it means the all of the economy and premium economy passengers will stream pass you as you sit there in your seat exchanging awkward looks with them. However in return, I had a whole section of a 777 to myself for 15+ hours with a view of the engines. Overall I would not hesitate to fly with China Airlines again thanks to this unforgettable crew.

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  • Tadashi Saguamura

    I congratulate him for such a good video, I am a follower of this type of micros and this is one of the most complete I have seen, this airline is really serious about the top and I think it is a question of time to achieve it, the service that Lends this airline in business is truly unsurpassed in its category … Thank you

  • Airplane Flying

    What did it feel like being the only one in the mini cabin for that flight?

  • homer3152

    Outstanding video – thank you very much for sharing it! And an impressive – though not perfect – product. I really enjoyed your perfect cam work..great, unexcited, cool photography the way I like it. And the product itself looks great too. I loove the cabin, beautifully captured in your pictures. Fantastic open bar with fruit and drinks (Jonny Walker Blue is typically First Class:)) Where is it positioned? The food menue read just excellent too and food looked really nice. Wines looked ok. Shame they did not provide pajamas on this flight nor bed covers. Never been to Taiwan but your video really woke up my appetite:) Looking forward to your A350 video!

  • Choi Lu

    good job booking this with skypeso before Delta pull another rug underneath everyone. was going to use the peso for this flight sometimes this year but now, a balance shortfall

  • Lim Shen Sim

    I must say I really enjoy your video!!

    I have flown China Airlines many times, but only once in Business. It was a SFO – TPE flight back in 2008. I must say the improvements are visible and significant. Hopefully one day I will fly in CI Business Class again.

  • Billy The Kid

    i miss you.. where have u been? it’s been 1-2 months since ur last video… great video as always! thank for sharing this with us..

  • Liao Fukang


  • John Wong

    Business class with no airport lounge service ?

  • YiTing Lin


  • isaacflyaway

    Great Review! It must have been a privilege having the business class cabin section to yourself! In your own opinion, comparing to other Chinese carriers and China Airlines, which airline do you prefer in terms of catering? 🙂

  • Yannis Moutafis

    That is a special way of flying.Great flight review.

  • Huberdina

    Great take off….

  • Richard Davis

    very informative as always, nice score being the only one in business class, great work

  • Song Ge

    Such a great video! I’ve been watching your videos for a really long time. I’ve tried CX’s business class, and I’m going to try CX’s first class this summer. The design of CI’s business class is really impressive when looking at the pictures on their website, but it looks much better in the video! Hope to see your more video.

  • Aziz Garut

    very Great video

  • 真善忍法輪大法好


  • GeminiJets24-Aviation Videos

    That’s awesome video!

  • MaiVibe

    Awesome video! So cool! 👀 thanks 🙏

  • CYTL1960

    Good video, good to watch but difficult to read.
    May I suggest you use bigger fonts for subtitles?
    It seems to me that a complete sentence with beautiful rhetoric is not necessary.
    Only key words are enough.

  • J Flow

    hmm….just wondering — how many hours were there between dinner and landing? Wouldn’t it have made more sense for them to serve breakfast before your landing rather than dinner?

  • Andrew M

    Those GE90’s roared!!!

  • zakelwe

    lovely business class, lot bnetter than Virgin and BA in uk

  • Chan Jason

    Great video indeed. Thanks.

    For the snacks, actually you can “find” the factory information and search in the internet. I remember years ago the welcome “nuts” are made in Sanxia (just next to my wife’s ex-company) and her co-workers just call them and purchase mixed nuts which are very similar to the one on CI.

  • Nikko P

    The moodlight is perfect!!!

  • Tony P

    I just got back Sept 5  from my yearly  trip  every 6 months  to Thailand   where i have my Condo, i live there 6 months out of the year and  I have flown Cathay P. exclusively  for the 7  years  My  first previous  10 years were done on United & American airlines connecting to  JAL, ANA  THAI airlines   but heres the deal I’ve only Flown Economy , Because as a 6’3  tall  212 lbs. American  NYKer   i Neeeed!!!  the legroom,   So i’ve  Always pay for that Exit Row Isle seat ,
     I Never could Justify the cost of Business Class  out of my pocket , and upon My seeing the New premium economy  these past 3-4 years   i didn’t see the legroom benefit over the Exit Row , But now,  On all  of the Airlines the economy class  seats , including   exit row  The seat  Comfort Sucks  for long haul  international travel  For my taste ,
      But thank Goodness for  my due diligence in researching  all the Airlines Business Class prices and seat comfort & leg room I ran across your review  YOU ARE A GOD SENT,  I am  trying to stay under $$4K per trip in Business class   and i researched CHINA AIRLINES airfares in business class  from Late Feb – early  March depart   Return Sept.  their fares along with YOUR VIDEO MAKES ME HAPPY Thank you for the posting.

  • Christopher Park

    Bit shaky during take off but very nice GE90-115B engine roar. those things will put you to sleep instantly.

  • 楊榮祥

    The aircraft you rode is the Airbus A350-900, not the the Boeing 777-300ER. They changed the aircraft right after year 2016 and the the start of year 2017.

  • Nadif Railfans

    Their 777s is mostly used on their North America network, while the A350s used on their Asian, Europe & Australian networks.

  • delivering the michelin inflight

    Much better than singapore’s bussiness class cabin.why?you can sleep straight on a flatbed.their cabin design is in general also better.but only on this aircraft and 777s.

  • electroaudio

    What an amazing business class! Wow China Airlines great job

  • David Cole

    you lost me as soon as you started bitching about the seats in the lounge.

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