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Camden,NJ. The poorest city in the US

Camden,NJ. The poorest city in the US
Camden,New Jersey has the highest murder rate in the country,and the highest crime rate per capita. the criminals and drug deals operate in the open and the police department is understaffed. some residents are working hard to get their city back on track.

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  • Vi3tKid420

    damn bless that police chief. he could easily say fuck this move to another
    better city perhaps less or more pay. but hes about it

  • popcone pop

    Camden NJ Chiraiq ILL Detroit MI Flit MI Newmark NJ Worst cities in America

  • Rob White

    Stop playing around, need more prisons, stiffer penalties for the hard
    stuff, weed is Mickey Mouse, death penalty for murderers, execute drug
    lords high on the chain, public executions will get some attention.

  • A dot Kumalo

    chicago detroit flint baltimore far worse than Camden nj

  • A Chaps

    was BW *really* in Camden?

  • NY Jay

    well at least we don’t have starving children, and suicide bombers. all
    these people including americans talking shit like we aren’t the promise
    land. I live where hundreds of millions of people dream to live. when you
    live in the same type of region then talk shit. no one migrates to America
    to move to fucking kansas…..NY and Cali. That’s where they want to move.
    that’s where they die trying to get to. every country has ghettos. not one
    is exempt. capitalism and racism create these cities. you think red necks
    like the woods? No one is moving to the woods and country so all this
    immigration bullshit is just them angry that they can’t be big city rich
    folk. would a poor white man switch lives with a millionaire like Jay z or
    Obama….YOU FUCKING RIGHT THEY WILL!!!! Because they’re poor and angry.
    Called ENVY. Well I’m black and Hispanic living upper middle class in NY
    and I’m sure I’m in a situation that would be traded by the majority of
    earthlings. more people would trade lives with me than wont. and I’m happy
    for that. If you are racist and poor, I’m above you. I have better credit.
    I have more of life. You are a peasant. I’m daddy. You’re just a slave.

  • Atom Atom

    RESPECT MOTHER EARTH!!! Until then Zero Sum Gain!

  • EnergeticWaves

    After Martin king brot desegregation this is the nightmare.

  • qwandiddy

    Naw, I think Country ass Memphis, TN is the poorest, highest Poverty City
    in the USA.

  • BmwKawasaki

    is it because black people populated that area ?? America should show
    before & after pics.

  • fidel5medina

    They do it to themselves, no one can help the but themselves!



  • Kent

    Wow this police chief is really a good dude, deserves an award..

  • Bonzo

    A shooting every 33 hours? Try more than two killings every 24 hours in
    Chicago. Thanks to the king democrat the mayor mr. tiny dancer.

  • steve smith

    where da crack be at

  • steve smith

    soldiers not cops

  • bluerisk

    When I think of the US, I think of Camden.

  • Aaron Clark

    It’s very simple, too many black people, anywhere that occurs, it’s a bleak
    ghetto, just like Donald Trump says, you don’t see high murder rates in
    white areas although it’s becoming more black areas and much fewer white
    ones, whites are disappearing and blacks are growing.

  • Joe _

    8 years, 8 FUCKING YEARS and yet blacks still look to Obama as a hero. smh

  • Abrar Kabir

    where ever there is black people there is crime they are always causing
    problems and make our inner cities unsafe and ruining safety for everyone
    so if there is anyone to blame its black people and before u guys start
    calling me racist know this I bet u guys can’t name a one single black
    neighborhood that’s not violent

  • Motley Byron

    Democrats and democrat policies CREATED the problems in Camden…

  • Chu Kim

    This looks like the future of America to me…except they would be speaking
    Spanish instead of English of course.

  • Thatguy smiley

    one word- Niggas!!

  • william randolph

    niggers spics and other rif raf….all these sub humans need white

  • Epluribusunum

    This is what Blacks and Democrats do to White industrial and social

  • D. Jugovic

    This is horible only whan thing can help you.Let us here that dirty word

  • Francisco Rodriguez

    This is a old video. I wonder if that little boy George ever gained any of
    his eye sight back.

  • richard bowes

    The last one out of N.J. take the light bulb w/ you.

  • EdgeL0rd

    gonna ignore the fact he tried to shake hands with a blind kid 2:55

  • Cheryl Boyd

    I don’t see Camden thus,way .I lived in Camden for a,long time (street life
    ) but I was protected and cared for by the very people these media people
    say are dangerous. I guess I just feel like this is not all correct

  • joe smith

    dear lord, give that little boy strength

  • Max

    lets be honest… you can deny it or turn your head away.. but we all know
    anything blacks touch turns to trash.. what a low of a race… bottom of
    the food chain

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