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Business Class London To New York On British Airways

Business Class London To New York On British Airways
A flight from London Heathrow to New York’s JFK on British Airways, travelling in Club World business class. Includes shots of Terminal 5 and on board service

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    cool video

  • Sguaraus Brazorf

    why is your seat  inverted towards the airplane tail?

  • hamfist

    Yes, a wonderful flight in a 747 with 4 engine safety and comfort that goes with a 747. Others have to travel in these 2 engine mini jets that fly lower and in more turbulence. 747 – the best airplane to travel in!

  • mmhuq3

    I will skip BA. Definitely not sitting backward !


    You lucky motherfucker. I wish that me sitting there.

  • Harbir Brar

    so old and dated compared to emirates.

  • jiten patel

    Does this airline serve Hindu vegetarian meal…!!!!!jzpatelut..

  • Samir Brihi

    I couldn’t bare sitting backwards

  • Raja Singh

    The experience doesn’t look that great compared to Singapore Airline, Emirates Airline and Qatar Airline.

  • Jonathan Henly

    What is wrong with sitting backwards? I wouldn’t mind it if I were in Business 

  • matthew james

    iv only ever flown BA once and i will never ever fly with them again you are treated like cattle Singapore airlines are the best hands down  

  • deano2000nz

    BA has the worst food 

  • GRL

    For what it’s worth, all four London airports, collectively, make London the busiest airline traffic hub, by far, in the world. Neither America or Asia have anything that rivals it.

    London is also the banking capitol of the world, not New York.

  • bmwnasher

    My god man you`re in business class and you got Jeans on, where`s the whistle. good vid.

  • Irish Sean

    whoever it is can do a quare bit o’ drinkin’…….champagne and whiskey for breakfast then a load o’ glasses o’ wine also – must have been recorded by Liam Gallagher from ‘Oasis’! 🙂 #standingontheshouldersofgiants

  • Vonoxid

    No Entertainment??

  • lol

    How long did it take? I might be flying to New York from London in the future

  • jas47679

    what a waste of money who ever is paying for it and  what a dated aircraft 

  • MegaCellProductions

    where did you eat at the start?

  • Big Daddy

    Emerites is much better and you go via dubai

  • Igor Catana

    cool video!

  • Vaal Zero

    whole food is the same but smell and taste different on the plane. when i am flying i am always so exiting to wait for diner . I love flights. and all atmosphere.

  • cameronpaul

    Why on earth do Airlines think their First/Business Class passengers want to eat in their “special” lounges before a flight? Do they think their food on board is that bad? The only possible use for these places is for passengers in transit who might have to wait many hours between flights.

  • Rory Clark Aviation

    What do you use to edit?

  • kappelmeister123

    747 is old as crap…i took the same flight from Heathrow to Chicago..crap service, old plane, so-so food…

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