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Business Class London City To New York On British Airways

Business Class London City To New York On British Airways
A trip report covering a flight on the British Airways all-business class service from London City Airport to New York Kennedy, via Shannon. We travel aboard a specially-configured Airbus A318 with 32 flat bed seats. The report covers departing from London City, onboard service, the pit-stop for refuelling and US Immigration in Shannon, and arrival into New York

Filmed with an iPhone 5, edited with iMovie

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  • Stanfyyy

    11:14 that cloud looks like a plane or is it just me? lol

  • Williams William

    Why do they stop in Shannon? Fuel Stop?

  • Rod Rust

    hope you enjoyed your journey

  • goldenkoi23

    They should of retired that flight number along with Concorde as a mark of respect. I never flew on Concorde but If I did I’d be pretty pissed knowing that having spent thousands of pounds to enjoy the prestige of flying Concorde BA001 you can now state you’ve flown BA001 on an Airbus ??? It’s like Alan Sugar selling his number plate AMS 1 from his Rolls Royce Phantom then someone buying it and putting it on their new Skoda. Also flying from London City to New York via Shannon instead of just flying direct from Heathrow is like flying to Mars with a stop over on the moon. It makes no business sense ??

  • ItzRally

    I never though a small a318 can fly so far. I think it is because less passengers.

  • Josh Wells

    This is my favourite flight and the A318 is my favourite plane

  • Arutz Tele

    I heard Shannon had US preclearence. Didn’t the Shannon to JFK flight require you to do US preclearence immigration?

  • ellis dee

    So the luxury Concorde flight BA001 is now an A-318 . Kind of sad , but on the upside only 32 other people and 1st class service . Both too pricey for me anyways . ha .

  • PremiumGamerTV // PGTV

    they were in the air in like 19 seconds!

  • The Gaming Harry

    How did you get to NYC with one stop in a A318? That’s impossible

  • masonwatcher

    Freemason Express.

  • King BT [YT]

    I never knew that London city to New York exist!

  • imbendecko

    its not worth the money

  • Kevin Yang

    Such a tiny plane for such a long ride

  • manish pandey

    can u smoke weed in business class if yes then u can enjoy that view

  • Stuart Lee

    I wish UNITED had this service!! I wonder if BA loses money on this service. Personally, I think it’s DIVINE!

  • SiMangoPie

    Small plane but quite lage rudder section

  • David Foo

    hey what do you want to do next -ba employee

    i dunno run an a318 direct flight to lax -ba ceo

  • Clive Sinclair

    Did BA pay someone to certify this aircraft for LCY operations… it’s the only one operating over the 100,000lb (agreed MTOW limit), at 150,000lbs MTOW. Did they change the rules just for BA?

  • Stuart Lee

    The best thing would have it land at so close-in LAGUARDIA!!!! After all, they already cleared customs and immigration! THINK ABOUT IT! !!!!!

  • Leo Biebuyck

    Anyone who got here after watching Wendover Productions’ ETOPS video? 🙂

  • MemeDisaster

    I never really thought an A318 would be able to service the long haul

  • Tyler Kilarski

    Imagine flying this route only to see that you are flying on an a318

  • Moh Aviation

    What how does that have so much range?! Cute baby Airbus

  • Alessandra Macagnan

    Ester é 75 milhões de dólares só um deste daí

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