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BREAKING NEWS: New Jersey Teen Killed for Bike Parts: Police

BREAKING NEWS: New Jersey Teen Killed for Bike Parts: Police
Host @DavidBegnaud delivers breaking news and today’s trending buzz in 45 seconds. 

Updated at 4:50 p.m. ET: CLAYTON, N.J. — Two teenage brothers have been charged in the death of 12-year-old Autumn Pasquale, whose body was found in a recycling bin, a New Jersey prosecutor says.
Gloucester County Prosecutor Sean F. Dalton said Pasquale died in a manner consistent with strangulation.
“There were no signs of sexual assault,” Dalton said, adding “she was lured to the juveniles’ house where this crime was committed. … It was for the purpose of obtaining parts from the BMX bike.”
Autumn was last seen around 12:30 p.m. on Saturday leaving her Clayton home while riding a white BMX bike to a friend’s house. The girl’s parents called police after she never made it to that friend’s house.
Her body was found late Monday in the recycling bin of a home where the teens’ live, about seven blocks from her own, authorities say.
The boys, ages 15 and 17, are charged with first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, disposal of a body, tampering of evidence and theft. The 15-year-old boy was also charged with one count of luring, Dalton said. Both were in police custody.
Clayton NJ residents face grisly news – missing girl’s body found
Police believe the boys lured Autumn to their home, promising her parts for her BMX bike. During their investigation, the mother of the teens contacted police regarding postings on a Facebook account of one of the suspects, according to officials.
The case spread fear and worries through the New Jersey town that had been desperately searching for the girl since she disappeared while on a ride through the neighborhood.
Autumn would have celebrated her 13th birthday on Monday.
“There’s evil everywhere, even in the small town of Clayton,” said Paul Spadafora, Autumn’s uncle.
Earlier Tuesday, Spadafora spoke with community members, thanking each of them of helping in the search for his niece.
Read more on Autumn Pasquale from NBCPhiladelphia.com
Hundreds of volunteers took part in the search effort, including the Clayton Police Department, Child Abduction Response Team, New Jersey State Police, the FBI and officers from 40 other police departments.
Autumn’s bike was found Tuesday by police inside the same small house where Autumn’s body was found Monday night, NJ.com reported.
Autumn’s family was notified of the discovery, according to police.
“This is a very sad day for the Pasquale family,” Dalton said in a press release. “Our hearts go out to the family and to all the residents of Clayton who stood together in support of this young girl.”

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  • BWCmike

    wtf are you talking about? everyone knew the second she went missing that niggers did it. Their pictures are posted online.

  • BWCmike

    yea, search pasquale killers identity on google and click the “fuckfrance” one to see the killers mugs.

  • Da Choppah

    She was not killed for her Bike. She was killed because she was white. These fucking SpookAboos. Parents warn your kids for Christ’s sake. Stop telling them all that liberal bullshit that we are all the same. SpookAboos if given the chance will kill whitey whenever possible. She should have known she was being set up. Political correctness is getting white people killed all over the Country. Check the FBI Stats—staggering. Keep the SpookAboos segregated until they become civilized.

  • eric hatfield

    DANTE and JUSTIN ROBINSON ARE THE KILLERS. and what a surprise, they are blacks.

  • yayablu1970

    Where is the outrage like what was displayed with the Martin/Zimmerman case? Where is our great President that said “Trayvon could have been my son”. This girl could have been his daughter! I can’t wait to get the “diversity president” and his anti-white attorney general the hell out of D.C.!!!!

  • Absolute-Atheism

    Get 2 ropes

  • Tom Thomas

    Why would anyone kill someone to steal their bike??? Are we living in a third world country? Is this what America has been reduced down to? Well, I can already see a minister consoling the victims as well as their families that they can somehow make it right in God’s eyes. The sad truth is that if you just verbally ask to be forgiven and then continue to live in sin because you don’t see any changes in your life, you are still awaiting for your eternal doom.

  • moe go

    Monkeys , they have no brain animals have more sense . all they do killing, rap, they dont want work they want stay home making baby and live out of walfair….go to hell you kill young girl over pike.

  • Forvitnir

    This is sad. My heart goes out to the family. Over a stupid bike. I would rip the 2 boys limb from limb if that was my daughter. Vengeance would be my only goal in life. Man this makes my blood boil.

  • shpeshiftinlizardjew

    Why is it all the major media outlets have seemingly dropped this story, while the Ridgeway case is all over it?
    Why did it seem like the mainstream media became silent on it around the same time it came out that the kids were black?
    Just sayin.

  • tickyul

    Those delightful Urban American Yutes just need to be sent to the schools of some nice libscum….then they can “play” with the kids of the libscum…and spread diversity.

  • tickyul

    Nancy “HAG” Grace dropped the story like a hot potato when it was revealed that the perps were Urban American Yutes.

  • sonam agrawal

    Does this guy know that a lot of recruiters go looking for americans in maths, engineering and sciences and cant find enough of them ?

  • Stephanie Wilson

    This is so dad

  • Stephanie Wilson

    All for bicycle parts that is just plain stupid. Is there any pictures posted of the two brothers does anybody know? We can’t even let our children out of our sights. If you need bike parts get a JOB don’t kill a innocent child for those parts. I’m sure if she knew she probably would have let hem have the bike. A lot of good those bike parts will get them in prison

  • Stephanie Wilson

    @MegaChevy65 I’m right there with you.

  • tickyul

    It was NOT just for bike parts. The Urban American Yutes took special joy out of the slaughter of the cute little White girl.

  • tickyul

    Too good for these murderous Urban American Yutes…………..fire up the woodchipper!!!!

  • asfsdaf asfdsfa

    Anywhere blacks go trouble follows(and where was al sharpton huh),look at africa,and look at detroit..Africa: witchcraft,buggery,beasteality,hiv infested men raping children,chopping of limbs,chopping of heads,butchery,killings of all sick kinds,rape,cannaibalism,and killing of innocent bystanders..Detroit,hiv,crack cocaine,gun crime,car jacking,and killings,rape and lootings,whats the common denomiantor?Black people..

  • tickyul

    The Urban American Yutes took great joy in slaughtering this beautiful white girl.

  • tickyul

    wut dew yew got gainst us Nuggahs???

  • rep5281

    I love being a trouble maker.

  • rep5281

    Yeah, we monkeys love to shoot up elementary schools and molest little kids. Wait a second…

  • rep5281


  • Tabitha Darnell

    Listen to the vid it wasn’t her brother, they were saying that two brothers 17 and 15 years old killed her, the two boys that killed her was brothers they wern’t her brothers…

  • Kenneth Elliott

    They probably dropped the story because it was about boys killing a girl. The mass media thrives on the glorification of masculine heroics. This story contradicts this delusion.

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