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Awaken Summer Best Values

Get Out of The Cold and Travel This Winter

5 affordable destinations that’ll make you forget all about the snow

Hit the Beach: Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town is a must-visit African destination — especially during its summer season (winter in the States), there’s no better time to catch a tan on one of the city’s many clean, white sand beaches than when all of your friends are scraping snow off their windshields. Play with a colony of African penguins at Boulders Beach. And be sure to check out Table Mountain, South Africa’s most famous natural landmark.

It feels like a spa day: Mexico
Mexico’s sunny climate and abundance of resorts in all price ranges make it a great place to treat yourself to a relaxing spa getaway. For true decadence, try the Kinan Spa at the Maroma Mayan Riviera in Quintana Roo. Many of the unique spa treatments draw on Mayan traditions, such as a detox herbal wrap incorporating local honey and healing herbs.

Go Hiking in a Rain Forest: Costa Rica
Costa Rica has it all — vibrant rain forest; diverse wildlife; clean, white-sand beaches (bordering both the Pacific and the Atlantic); and a laid-back local culture. Fabulous all-inclusive Costa Rican beach resorts are plentiful, and worth every penny. But may we suggest something a little more adventurous. Book a wilderness lodge deep in the rain forest where electricity, internet, and room service are practically extinct. Instead of wi-fi you’ll be entertained by toucans, sloths and squirrel monkeys as you sit back and enjoy the beauty. The winter months mark Costa Rica’s dry season; this is the best time of year to find stunning weather, and crystal-clear diving conditions.

Steaks and dancing: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Home of some of the best cuts of steaks around the world, Argentina has a flair for food and their culture is endless. Learning the tango is a popular immersion experience for visitors to Buenos Aires; you can strap on your dancing shoes at a milonga (a place where the tango is danced) and shake all the stress and worries away. Wintertime in the Northern Hemisphere is the height of the sultry summer season in Buenos Aires.

Go Climbing: Blue Mountains, Australia
When winter comes to New Jersey, things are just heating up Down Under. Once you’ve checked out Sydney’s urban attractions, head an hour or two out of town and take in the Blue Mountain region — home to densely forested peaks, lush gardens and dozens of hiking trails. The most famous attraction is the Three Sisters, a spectacular sandstone rock formation. If you’re not up for hiking, hop on the Katoomba Scenic Railway (one of the world’s steepest) or ride in the Scenic Skyway, a cable car that has a glass floor for dizzying panoramic views.

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