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Air China 747-8 Business Class CA982 New York JFK To Beijing Capital International Airport

Air China 747-8 Business Class CA982 New York JFK To Beijing Capital International Airport
Filmed on Nikon D5500 with Sigma 17-50 f2.8mm lens.
Despite the many negative reviews of Air China, I found myself on a comfortable flight with a very attentive and friendly crew. The crew were all smiles. They refilled/offered drinks constantly and addressed each passenger by name. One of the crew saw me taking videos and so she showed me around the business class cabin. We chatted about her own experiences of being a flight attendant at Air China. Perhaps the biggest lesson I learned was that apparently management does not fit in enough beds for the crew in order to save weight, therefore many FAs find themselves needing a first class or business bed to get enough rest to deal with the constantly changing time zones. This also happened at China Eastern where she worked at for four 4 years before changing airlines. This explains previous flight reports on the internet of passengers complaining about sleeping FAs in the premium cabins. Honestly I felt very bad for them and it really is true not to judge a book by its cover since the situation is outside of their control. The FA also told me that they are definitely aware that they are not as good as Singapore or ANA but Air China is trying to improve its experience. During the dessert service, she actually let me take all 3 different desserts (cake, tiramisu, and fruits) when I couldn’t make up my mind.

The bed was completely 180 degrees lie flat. I was able to get about 7 good hours of sleep. I have heard about Air China keeping the cabin too warm, but it was actually perfect on this flight. The duvet was large, soft and very comfortable. My experience was definitely helped by the fact that I had a complete row of business class seat available to me. Seat 11A is actually the most private seat because of the way the row of seats are all angled slightly to the right. Therefore 11A is the most forward of all the seats in the nose of the 747-8. Nevertheless, catering still needs substantial improvement. My first meal was fairly tasty. The chicken was spicy and fragrant but the presentation didn’t look too great. My pre-arrival “chicken” noodle soup was absolutely tasteless even though it looked not that bad. If they can change their business class seats to 1x2x1 rather than 2x2x2 and substantially improve their meals, I would definitely look forward to flying them again.

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  • John Wong

    Business class with no airport lounge service ?

  • Dhruv Singh

    I went on air china years ago and the cabin didn’t even have an IFE. Thankfully they have changed

  • David

    Interesting that the pre-recorded English announcements sounds very Australian

  • Larry Summers

    Back in the 90’s, I flew Air China from Hong Kong to Bejing. It was brand new. I was supposed to be in first class, but they bumped me upstairs to business. Food was terrible, but the crowning moment of the flight was when I got to watch the apparent Chief Steward take a six pack into the flight cabin. I resolved to never fly Air China again. I did get a chance to watch China Air dump a plane off the end of the runway into the water at the end of the runway at Kai Tak on the same business trip.

  • Sérgio da cruz

    The 747 is a airplane exelence for pist of the big city…

  • Calvin Feng

    oh my lord a certification card from government in the plastic bag with amenities package. isn’t just so typical and old fashioned and Russian…

  • Jose Agustin Castellanos Vargas

    air china 747 -8 business classs ca982 newyork jfk to beijing capital internacional airpot

  • Brant Liu

    Air China has shitty services and awful foods. That’s is absolutely true. But the accusations of their safety standards are just some racist bullshits. Look up to international aviation safety record first before you make such ignorant comments. Last year, Emirates had a shocking crash landing. Just few years ago, Asiana Arline crashed a Boeing 777 due to the poor training of the pilot. The shocking Air France Flight 447 accident in 2009 was revealed to be caused by a combination of technical issues and human error of the crew. When was the last major accident of Air China? It was the Air China Flight 129 accident in 2002. That was before the reform of the aviation industry of China. Since then, Air China has kept a very good safety record. So shut the fuck up if u know absolutely nothing.

  • IamSquid

    Cool video… What camera are you using…

  • Xuejian Lin

    Air China is very good enough I should say but they could be better. There is also no doubt that although the landing is sometimes not comfortable, it is very safe and Air China holds an excellent record compared to KLM JAL etc. Some pilots were serving the military before they joined Air China, very experienced.

  • Rohith Augustine

    The engine sound so much like the GE-90!

  • Wang Wang

    Air China’s food always goes like this… No any surprise.

  • 美麗吳


  • Alex Dong

    im going on cathay pacifc airwys 899

  • David Kendrick

    It would be good if you mentioned what each meal was and what you thought of it.

  • Kevin Adriosula

    Wondering if I’m the only one that noticed that the Thumbnail picture of Air China Featuring the “Smiling China” Livery is their 777-300ER and not the 747-8i? Just curious.

  • Andrew Rogers

    Great video, excellent focus looked like a good flight

  • Cesar

    the food looks ugly! For me it is inedible!

  • Seth Maskovich

    I am never going to fly air china because my mom told me the airplane is made of 100% plastic

  • Wings Avia

    wwaaaaaahh awesome video

  • david d angelo

    Who the hell are people to complain a .ca is sleeping in an empty seat? SERIOUSLY? This poor women are working 17-18 hour flights and everyday flying half way around the world. They need the rest WAY MORE than any idiot who has the balls to.complain they are sleeping In the same cabin as you. God that made me mad when I read that in the description. You might of spent 20 grand.on your ticket but your no better then anyone else even. This isnt the tiantic.god forbid a lowly FA is sleeping in the same cabin as you…. smh. They should make you go sleep in the crew rest that the damm airline Is taking beds out of to save weight. It’s a true shame the FAA doesn t enforce the same rules about FA rest as they do with pilots, or the amount of rest crew members gets in American flag carriers.

  • Susan kinn

    nice video for more video visit https://youtu.be/wOx6Z9h8158 or contact 1-844-313-4735

  • SPOTTER360

    I love this video. Sub’d.

  • ran dy mcneese

    The one thing Air China needs is to get away from old style 2x2x2 seating. Nothing sucks more than having to step over the aisle started passenger while they are sleeping.

  • DW M

    It is as quite as A380 in the cabin.

  • Jason Cavitt

    Was that landing as rough as it looked and sounded?

  • Jenny Lee

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