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Aerial View Of New Jersey Coast Line After Hurricane Sandy From The National Guard

Aerial View Of New Jersey Coast Line After Hurricane Sandy From The National Guard
Aviators of the 1-150th Assault Helicopter Battalion, New Jersey National Guard, look for displaced residents along the coastline of Seaside Heights Oct. 30, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. (Video by Master Sgt. Mark C. Olsen/108th WG/PA)

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  • AnnA Queen

    For they can never imprision the free Mind, no matter what they do!
    Oh I will never Die, belive me, I will live forever young and eternally, Death is comming to you, and your rotton corspe wont even have a burial, Hahaha!

  • anoni81b4u

    so they have been lucky ? i agree 🙂

  • villagefem

    research Haarp Look for yourselves
    youtube dutchsinse


  • johnnynoirman


  • Distimok

    Name of song?
    It’s dubstep, right?

  • AnnA Queen

    What happened to the pig that built its house of sticks? Yet the secnario is played out differently now, the shoe is on the other foot, So to Speak, now they say this is a bad thing for the wind to blow there homes down.
    It is a cleansing of the land of garbage.

  • AnnA Queen

    The war has already been Won! This is the after parties.
    Yes it is good to laugh in the face of whom you choose! Death has no valley, they will fear themselves.

  • AnnA Queen

    Your meaning in life is zero. What do you know about God, so do not use his name! Do not question me neither for I am one of Gods Prophets who need not answer to your breed of evolution of hell.
    I will surely Kill You! Say these things to my face? You could not even look me in the eye, for my light makes you afraid, you germ infested idiot.

  • AnnA Queen

    What you read and watch is an arrangement to convince you of your meaningless excistence, and you can actually read?Write? Iq? this is a test put in place by a chimp and means zero. Your no dunce suggests your inferiorty complex of a loser.
    Tribes Lol, a good word to describe the evolution of an ape into a complete Moron.

  • AnnA Queen

    Yawnnnnnnnnnn, so boring, you cant even put a sentence together and try to make yourself interesting? Some day in the NF You will realise you have no personality, This will be so funny.

  • AnnA Queen

    Your Insane, and do not bother me with your f..ked up comments that do not make any sence.

  • Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC

    @Offstake – don’t waste your time. This person is obviously in need of some psychiatric help. Isn’t it a wonder that this persons says we are all garbage and the devil, yet almost every comment is filled with hate, death and damnation. This is called “projecting” in psychology and is the calling card of a sick brain. Ignore. That’ll piss them off more.

  • Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC

    @Offstake – you are dealing with an Islamist from Turkey. Let it go. You’ll get nowhere arguing with someone with a mental disease.

  • AnnA Queen

    Such a tongue of filth and perversity, from the mind of an insane ape.
    Even your comments lack any logic, your so twisted and full of rage and hate, do yourself a favour and go hang yourself!

  • anoni81b4u

    “pay into FEMA” ? we (taxpayers) already pay into fema you idiot!
    the sea levels will rise 20 feet in the next 100 years …
    if you want to help … sell your peice of shit SUV … quit building mcmansions out of plastic and particle board and tell your fat ass wife to quit eating so much …
    LMAO … fuck new england 🙂

  • HamSandwich


  • Ben TEN TEN

    First of all, your reply sounds foolish, because you have no clue as to what I know, not only about the universe, and how and why it was created, but how you work, and why you were created; though it seems like you’re still trying to figure out whether the world really is flat or not. I realize that some people are just simply willingly ignorant.

  • Ben TEN TEN

    You have absolutely nothing to feed me with, even if you wanted to; but how else can you escape the truth, but by claiming me to be exactly what you know you are. I’ll just say this, you can run from the truth, but eventually, it will catch up to you.

  • Ben TEN TEN

    If we had more than 500 characters I’d write a book so maybe you’d understand. It’s not my concern if people take me “serious”, because the truth speaks for itself, whether people want to believe it or not. It’s lies that last only for a moment.

  • Ben TEN TEN

    Yeah, “it’s all made up” but only because you said so right? Without a shred of proof of your own. I’m sure those who believe in nothing may believe you, but anyone with even an once of sense, would most likely not.

  • Ben TEN TEN

    Exactly, what does make sense to you? What ever it is I’m sure it would be far fetched from anything a sensible person could even fathom.

  • Ben TEN TEN

    I’d be willing to believe you if you can tell me exactly where that “computer program” come from, and where did, the thing or place that it came from come from, and what is the purpose of it all being here, and where is it all leading, as God, man, and the existence of the universe can be explained. Other than that, the Eternal rules.

  • Ben TEN TEN

    A LIE don’t last forever before truth is made known. And all that I’ve been hearing preachers, “christian” science, and others who think they know the truth are lies that can’t be backed up if questioned. There is only one version of the 10 commandments, as written in the Holy Bible, others are LIES, Nowhere are women and cattle equal in my Bible, We’re not supposed to worship on Sunday at all; Mose was the only man who ever spoke to God “face to face”, but didn’t give Him the glory at Meribah

  • TheIcelandTV

    who builts a house right at the ocean without a dam???? the nature isn t the problem. it s you infrastructure. your are 100 years behind and you are not learning!!!!

  • mahmuod mh


  • mahmuod mh


  • Greg Howard

    had nothing to do with global warming, nothing.

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